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Even the Guys can get in on this trend of Bright Hues, rocking the Ombre’ and even going platinum. My absolute favorite is Big Bang’s, T.O.P.’s, Mint colored hair and eyebrows which have more of a bluish tint now. G-Dragon’s new hairstyle had to grow on me for a little bit, but now I love it. Shaved on one side and long black with red ombre’ which is also sometimes fuschia on different programs when its up in a beanie. They have all changed their hairstyles so much since their comeback you never know what they’ll look like the next time you see them. I love Seungri’s new hair cut and the red Ombre’ in their spread in Korea Vogue, Daesung’s platinum hair and Taeyang’s still rockin’ the mohawk but also with a changing ombre’ style too.

I didn’t really think that I would see any American guy actually try to rock Big Bang’s style, because nobody can do it as well as they can. But one of my FB friends actually has his hair styled like T.O.P.’s and it looks good too.  I’d love to see who else can try to rock Big Bang’s style.


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